7 ”Manly” Activities Every Woman Should Try

Even though many hobbies are seen as either masculine or feminine, there’s no reason any activity should be. Girls can do anything boys can, and sometimes they can do it even better. This goes against what people used to think. If you’re looking for a hobby to help you learn new things, improve your skills, and keep you entertained for hours, check out some of the manly hobbies below. They’re all great for women who like to break the rules.

Motorcycle Riding

There aren’t many things as liberating as jumping on the back of a hog and hitting the open road, so why should only guys get to do it? If you want a big thrill, put on your helmet, turn up the speakers in your helmet, and put your bike in high gear. This super-rewarding hobby is sure to make you happy.

How to Start: Make sure you have your motorcycle license before buying a high-tech helmet communication system or some badass leather boots. Check with your state’s Bureau of Motor Vehicles to find out what to do. Before you can legally ride, you must pass a written test, a vision test, and a road test in most states.

Lifting Weights

Weight training has been taken over by the boys’ club, which is a shame because this hobby can help girls a lot. And women shouldn’t be looked down on in the weight room just because they can lift a lot. The most muscular woman in the world can squat more than 850 pounds and deadlift almost 700 pounds. Lifting can help women get more robust, have more stamina, and last longer, which is good for their overall health.

How to Start: We suggest signing up for classes at a lifting gym or getting one-on-one personal training in the weight room. Work with a female trainer who knows about your body and some common stereotypes at the gym.

Archery and Weapons

You can improve your hand-eye coordination and focus by learning to shoot, but the real benefit is that it makes you feel like a total badass. Archery is an excellent sport for people who want to aim better. Shooting guns at a range can be a similar challenge, and it can also help you feel more confident and comfortable around guns, which is never wrong.

How to Start: Whether you’re using a bow or a gun, you shouldn’t start shooting without the help of an expert. Go to local archery or gun range, where an instructor will show you how to do it.


If you like to win, don’t let the boys take over the billiards table. In this fun game, you must work on your hand-eye coordination and figure out how much force to use at the right angle to sink your set. If you get good enough, you can join local tournaments and win great prizes.

How to Start: Go to a billiards hall, bar, or a friend’s house with a pool table. You don’t need the help of pro here! The best method to win is to play as much as possible against as many different people as possible.

Vehicle Restoration

Everyone knows that old cars are the coolest, so it doesn’t make sense that fixing them up is seen as something “guys” do. Also, for many restoration projects, you only need to know the basics about cars (and perhaps the help of YouTube). Learning these skills could save a lot of time, money, and work. If you know how to fix a flat tire or change your oil, you can stay safe in a situation that could be dangerous.

How to Start: Get an old car! Try to make your first project something that doesn’t cost much and is easy to do. Surprisingly, it’s thought that old muscle cars like Ford Mustangs aren’t too expensive to fix up. Volkswagens with air-cooled engines, like the ever-popular Beetle, are also considered to be good restoration projects and very cute.


You might not know much more about boxing. The Women’s International Boxing Association (WIBA), which has been around since 2000, is a professional boxing league for women. Women have become very interested in boxing and mixed martial arts (MMA) in the past few years, and it’s easy to see why. This sport helps you get stronger and have more stamina while also giving you excellent self-defense skills.

How to Start: Go to your gym and take a boxing or kickboxing class. If you like it, take private lessons at a boxing gym nearby and start training seriously.

Grilling and barbecueing

Why does the man always end up in charge of the grill or smoker? Women like smoked meats and vegetables, and there’s no reason they shouldn’t be able to run the barbecue if they want to. Learning to boil over an open fire or hot charcoal is a survival tool in and of itself, and it’s a great skill to have if you want to make healthy, tasty meals for yourself and a group.

How to Start: Get a grill! If you want to keep things simple, choose a small charcoal or gas grill that fits on a table. You can then shift on to more modern grilling techniques, and you may decide to buy a smoker or a pellet grill.

Smashing Gender Norms

In reality, the guys think they do a lot of cool and exciting things, like riding motorcycles long distances and boxing. Still, these are all activities that men and women can do just as well. We want all women to try out these hobbies and help break down the old, arbitrary rules about what men and women should do.

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