Top 12 Amazing Tech Products Showcased At Ces 2024

CES 2024 has a lot of fantastic tech on display, such as flying cabs, TVs that can be folded up, robots that can clean up messes, and more. Stay ahead in the world of new ideas! The latest consumer goods are shown off at the CES 2024 (Consumer Goods Show). These include generative AI chats, ChatGPT, TVs, smartphones, car technology, game gear, and robots. Some of the most exciting things are creative AI apps, TVs, smartphones, tablets, tech for cars, game systems, and even a robot dog.

Enjoy Flying Electric Taxi Convenience

The Hyundai Supernal S-A2 was shown at CES 2024. It is an electric car that can take off vertically, which makes it perfect for short trips and a good fit for new battery technology. Its flexible design makes changes easy. This could lead to more eco-friendly plane travel, though it’s unavailable at local airports.

Honda: The Future Belongs To Electric Cars

Hawaii showed off its 0 series EVs at CES 2024. The grilles had a “floating H” sign on them. Honda’s Dual Sense remote was on show, and LG’s test car had LED flashing lights and hidden electronics. The features on both vehicles were excellent.

Foldable Phones! Would A TV That Folds Up Interest You?

The 137-inch folding TV from C Seed, shown at CES 2024, is a stylish and cheap option for people who like to watch TV even when it’s not used. The N1 made just for you, can be turned in a full circle and folded into a rectangle in 2.5 minutes.

New Steam Deck Rival

The new Intel Meteor Lake processors in MSI’s Claw portable gaming rig, shown off at CES 2024, could replace the Steam Deck as the standard for mobile PC gameplay. Because of this innovation from the Steam Deck, more companies may make Steam Deck-like products that work with Windows. This creates more companies competitive.

Looking Backwards: This Amazing Phone

At CES 2024, Samsung showed off its Flex In & Out Flip idea phone. This phone can fold in both directions and backward, so users can still use the 6.7-inch screen even when closed. The bigger side has buttons for time, charge level, quick settings, and media playing, which shows that this is technology from the future.

Thermometers Monitor Heart And Lungs!

BeamO is a small device that can measure temperature, ECG, oximetry, and sound pressure. Withings showed off the BeamO at CES 2024. It is a small gadget that can measure temperature, ECG, oximetry, and sound pressure. The tech, which looks like a game stick, will be okay with the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) in June and cost $250.

Buy A Big TCL, Ditch Projectors

At CES 2024, Geoff Morrison, a projector writer for CNET, looked at the TCL 115QM891G, a 115-inch 4K LCD TV with better blacks and brightness. It costs less than $20,000 and has better contrast than most TVs, making it an excellent choice for people who want a giant TV.

Durable Stained Glass

Use this unique rock to harness the power of the sun. At CES 2024, the Japanese company inQs showed off its cutting-edge technology by making painted glass solar cells. These cells showed how the look and function of solar panels are being rethought. LG’s ArtCool air units and Samsung’s Music Frame have this style.

Two-minute Ice Cream

A new ice cream maker called ColdSnap was shown off at CES 2024 and will soon be offered in restaurants in the area. It uses pods like Keurig to make ice cream that tastes like gelato in just two minutes. The version for homes will come out next year.

Robotic Stain Fighter

At CES 2024, Samsung showed off the Bespoke Jet Bot Combo, an intelligent robot vacuum, and mop that uses AI to clean up spots on hard floors. It can tell what surfaces are and move in that way. The robot has a 170 rpm spinning mop that can clean up puppy puddles and Zinfandel spills.

Tech Teeth

The Oclean X Ultra Wi-Fi Digital Toothbrush was shown at CES 2024. AI drives it and cleans teeth and floors well. It has an algorithm-controlled motor, five brush options, a responsive tablet, and a battery life of 40 days.

Remote Wristwatch

A Finnish company called Doublepoint has made Bluetooth software that can turn an Android watch into a remote that can be used with any device. At the beginning of this year, makers may use the software to let people use gestures to control devices. You can use your wrist to control Netflix shows.


CES 2024 showed off a vast range of unique new technologies, such as electric taxis that can fly, TVs that can be folded up, electric cars from Honda, and excellent new tools like the BeamO, a health device that can do many things. Samsung showed off idea phones from the future, while TCL’s substantial 115-inch TV and inQs’ stained glass solar cells showed off improvements in video technology.

Samsung’s Bespoke Jet Bot Combo and ice cream makers like ColdSnap were just two of the cutting-edge consumer electronics on display at CES 2024. The event showed how technology is constantly changing and how the future will be full of ground-breaking inventions that will change how we live.

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