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What Is A No-claim Bonus (NCB) In Auto Insurance?

He bought car insurance but didn’t claim while the policy was in effect. In 10 days, the insurance policy will run out and need to be renewed. So, he called his insurance company. Because of the no-claim bonus (NCB), the insurance company gave him a discount on his premium rate, which saved him money.

What Is NCB In Car Insurance?

Car owners should know the full name of the NCB so they can figure out how important it is. NCB stands for the no-claim bonus that insurance companies give to car owners who don’t make any claims. When a policyholder doesn’t make any claims in a policy year, he or she is eligible for an NCB reward in the form of lower premium rates when the policy is renewed.

What Are The Benefits Of NCB When It Comes To Insurance?

High Savings

When people want to renew their policy online, NCB saves them a lot of money. If you don’t make any claims for a long time, you can save money in the long run.

It Is Transferable

NCB is mainly about the person who owns the car, not the car itself. So, if a policyholder wants to sell his or her car, he or she can keep the same coverage. Moving a policy from one insurance company to another makes it possible to keep the NCB.


Policyholders who renew their policies online and have NCB can get significant discounts on their premium rates. In this way, it helps to bring down the amount of the premium.

How To Transfer An NCB To A New Car Insurance Policy?

During renewal, people who own cars can move their NCB insurance to a new policy. It depends on what kind of buying will help you reach your goals. For example, a car owner can submit NCB by sending in his or her buyer-seller agreement if he or she buys insurance offline or through an agent.

To transfer NCB from the current insurance company, they should use Forms 29 and 30 and a letter of request. The current insurance company will give the car owner an NCB certificate, which can be sent immediately to a new insurance business.

On the other hand, when you buy insurance online, you don’t have to do anything. Car owners should say their NCB, the policy number, and the insurance company’s name. The new insurance company will care for everything, and the process will go smoothly.

What Documents Do I Need To Transfer My NCB?

When car owners want to transfer their NCB, they must send in certain documents. Some of them are the NCB transfer application, a copy of the car insurance plan, the sales agreement, and the NCB certificate from the previous insurer. If you want to transfer your NCB, show your booking receipt if you bought a new car.

When Is There No Claim Bonus?

The bonus for not making a claim is only given when the policy is renewed. A car owner should also have his or her damage coverage as part of his or her car insurance. To make a good choice, you should know more about how the no-claims bonus works for car insurance. NCB only works with full coverage auto insurance, not third-party liability insurance.

Can You Keep Your NCB After Causing A Claim?

Even if a policyholder has to make a claim, they can still keep their NCB. They might want to buy a “no-claim bonus protector” as an extra cover to get this benefit. This cover lets the car owner make two claims in an insurance year without losing the NCB he or she has built up.

How Does The No-claim Bonus Get Calculated?

From the second year on, an insurance company will figure out NCB. When a policyholder doesn’t claim in the first year, the premium decreases by 20%. The percentage will go up for up to 5 years in a row. So, policyholders should learn as much as they can about NCB car insurance.

When Is NCB Going To End?

NCB will end if policyholders claim in less than a year. If you don’t renew your policy within 90 days of expiring, you might lose your NCB benefit. So, to avoid problems, renew your policy by the due date.

How Much Discount Can You Get For Not Claiming Your Car Insurance?

Experts should help people who own cars learn about NCB protection in car insurance to quickly get claim discounts. In the first year, you can get up to 50% back if you don’t claim car insurance. Car owners can use an online “no-claims bonus calculator” to better understand the amount.

How To Buy The Best Plans For Car Insurance?

To purchase the best car insurance plan, you should check if the insurance company offers a no-claim bonus. They can look online to compare the plans and features. Getting a car protection plan is wise to reduce the high costs of engine repairs and other things.

If someone is buying a policy for the first time, he or she should talk to an insurance agent or even other people in the same situation to help make the right choice. A car insurance policy should protect a car from mistakes made by people, natural disasters, and other problems. When a car owner wants to buy a new policy, it should meet all their needs.



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