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Is Cryptocurrency Considered A Taxable Item?

Since at least 2014, it has been clear that bitcoin income would be taxed. In IRS Notice 2014-21.1, the IRS talked about the basics of how to tax bitcoin. In this notification, virtual currencies were put in the category of property instead of foreign money. When used in a transaction, its value is based on … Read more

Top 10 Best Software For E-Filing Income Taxes

Free tax software gives people a better way to get information from others. You might make mistakes when you type in important job information by hand. Such slips could happen less often if you used salary assessment software that you could download for free. Most programming projects use different information-gathering systems to get the information … Read more

How Does Crypto currency Mining Work?

Mining is the process of checking and approving transactions on the blockchain. It’s also the way that new units of a cryptocurrency are made. Miners use a lot of computer power to do their work, but this is what keeps a blockchain network safe. Miners who are honest and do a good job are rewarded … Read more

How to Develop a Successful up skilling Strategy

With the coming Industrial Revolution, learning new skills has become essential to building a career. In today’s digital economy, people have to learn new tools faster than they did in the past. So, in addition to helping your employees move up in their careers. It’s more important than ever for them to improve their skills … Read more

Guides And Tips On How To Launch An Online Business

In recent years, the eCommerce industry has grown significantly, and the SBA says that this growth will likely continue. If you don’t have an online business in this digital age, you’re missing out on something important and should start one as soon as possible. Starting an online business can be profitable, but you need a … Read more

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